Summertime and the Livin’ Is Easy

Now that summer is here, it’s time to get out and enjoy a chocolate shake, hamburger, and fries at your favorite mid-century drive in, and to help you get in the mood, Friday fun posts for a while will showcase some drive-ins I’ve discovered on my travels around the state. Since it’s summertime, I haven’t actually done any research on these places, so hopefully people who know will jump in and enlighten us about the history behind places like Edd’s Drive In in Pascagoula. I was lucky to grab these pictures in one very rare minute that the place wasn’t surrounded by cars, and just after I snapped the last picture, a car drove right into my frame. That’s what makes Edd’s one of the best on the Coast.




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  1. Edd’s is a favorite of mine! Nothing like a chocolate malt and a hamburger, but the true test of any Pascagoulan is to be able to eat a Deen Special in the car and not spill any on yourself!

    I think I am going to really enjoy this series. If you need any onsite research done I volunteer. :-D


  2. Edd’s was established about 1957 and has been a local tradition ever since. Anyone growing up or who grew up in ‘Goula needs an ‘Edd’s fix’ every so often, which, as we grow older might be called an ‘indigestion special’….seriously, an Edd’s chili cheese burger cannot be beat!


    • Liz Ford is correct. I remember you Liz from 1967 when I worked at Port of Pascagoula as traffic clerk for Al Johnson That was my first job when I moved to Pascagoula from Pearl.. I live in Vancleave now but go to Edd’s every chance I get to have those wonderful chili cheese burgers with fries. Everyone should try them at least once.


  3. Do a feature on Dairy Kream on E. Main in Tupelo (East Tupelo). It’s been there FOREVER!


  4. I found your site in the NYT article. Your preservatioon site interested me because I recently published a book on the Blues Trail documenting juke joints & blues clubs still in existence in the Delta.

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  1. Hidden in Plain Sight: The Ghosts of Segregation - Fry Electronics

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