Roadside Mississippi: Kevin’s Korner, Pascagoula

Just down the street from Edd’s in Pascagoula is Kevin’s Korner. I love angled windows, and I love Kevin’s shakes, burgers, and fries!

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  1. Great dressed burgers for $2.35 including tax – price/quality cannot be beat!


    • Liz, what was this business before? I cannot quite place it. Been long time since I’ve been down Market only along highway mainly.


      • It has been KEVIN’S Corner for quite a few years and was an ice cream place before that I think. I will check old city directories Monday and get back with you. It is on South Market…south west corner if Market and Lafayette.


        • Yes, it was Dairy Dream years ago. Joe and Robin Ezell had it for awhile. They started serving Frito pies… thanks for jarring my memory.


          • According to the CIty Directories close at hand 1611 Market Street was a Tasty Freeeze before it was Kevin’s Corner – the directories list it as Tasty Freeze from 1976 on (could be a lot earlier- just do not have the earlier directory at hand) – the last directory around is 87 and it was still Tasty Freeze – the next one (big gap) is 95 and it is Kevin’s Korner. Will pursue this further when I get a spare minute.


  2. I had always thought that the Burger Basket a few block away on Chicot street and Kevin’s Corner were identical. It took this post to make me see they are not. While the original footprints are the same (sans Kevin’s dining room addition) the fenestration at Kevin’s is much more au courant- what with its outwardly pitched windows and floor to ceiling glass on the north elevation- than Burger Baskets regular ol plate glass.

    Ill concur with Ms. Ford; great burger that when paired with their malt its hard to beat.


  3. Love the title–sounds like a new series: Roadside Mississippi. There must be thousands of them out there waiting for their day on the front page.


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