Yazoo City

Who Were Those Sanborn Men?

In case you didn’t catch it, Thomas Rosell noted at the end of yesterday’s news roundup that the Library of Congress is gradually publishing its digitized collection of the full-color Sanborn Insurance Maps. Currently, Mississippi only has three sets: Pascagoula for… Read More ›

Monterey in Mississippi

If you’ve been around MissPres for a while, you’ve know we’re big fans of “McAlester’s Field Guide” or more properly A Field Guide to American Houses. This was originally published in 1984, and I wore my paperback copy out by the time… Read More ›

Happy Labor Day

In honor of Labor Day, which according to the Dept. of Labor webpage is “a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers,” I thought it might be worthwhile to reprint… Read More ›

Blog Roundup

Since many of the lucky ones are off work today to recover from too much fun/food in the sun yesterday, it might be the better part of valor for me to just do a post catching y’all up on interesting… Read More ›