2014 Annual Report

This annual report didn’t come out promptly on January 1 as I used to insist on doing, but eh, I’m older and wiser now and there was too much football watching and napping to do this holiday weekend to be prompt. Here are our numbers for 2014.

General Stats (Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2014)

Page Views: 257,127, from 206,860 in 2013 (marching on to ONE MILLION in 2015 we hope)
Posts: 203, down from 220 in 2013, giving us 1,597 posts for your reading pleasure
Comments: 1,557, down from 2,186 in 2012 (7,958 total)
Busiest day: 2,223 on November 5, 2014
Busiest month: 27,997 (September 2014)
E-mail Subscribers: 650, from 493 at the end of 2013.

Like all bloggers, we love comments, good or bad, so we know someone out there is interested, so we resolve to be more interesting in 2015 than we were in 2014. If comments are still down this time next year, we’ll become shock jocks, so start commenting, y’all!

Monthly Stats1

Monthly stats

For four years, our Mt. Holly post, written in February 2010, held to the spot as the most-viewed posts but in 2014, another Abandoned Mississippi post, Vicksburg’s Kuhn Hospital, blew away the competition. My wish for 2014, as for previous years, is that this will be the year that all our now-abandoned places, especially Mt. Holly, will get new chances at life. My second wish is that next year’s winner will be “What is Rock Lath?” because that’s a question that everyone should know the answer to.

Abandoned Mississippi: Kuhn Memorial State Hospital, Vicksburg 9,506
Abandoned Mississippi: Mt. Holly, Lake Washington 6,844
101 Mississippi Places to See Before You Die–Preliminary List 6,571
Final 101 Mississippi Places To See Before You Die 5,754
What is Rock Lath? 3,660
Free to a Good Home 3,579
Pleasure Domes Past…Biloxi’s Broadwater Beach 2,743
Abandoned: Vaughan, Mississippi 1,908
The Jewel of the Delta: Mound Bayou, Mississippi 1,767
Blink Twice and Arlington Might Vanish… 1,754
Flora School Mystery 1,690
Vicksburg NMP: Mississippi’s Monuments 1,684
Abandoned Mississippi: First Christian Church, Jackson 1,600
Abandoned Mississippi: Vicksburg’s Mercy Hospital 1,527
Capitol Street Methodist Is Falling Down 1,485
Uncredited Mississippi: Forest Heights, Gulfport 1,309
To Lexington (Miss.) and Back 1,273
Abandoned Mississippi: School for the Blind 1,254
See Prospect Hill With Your Own Eyes! 1,245
New Deal in Mississippi: Greenwood Underpass, AKA Main Street Railway Bridge Crossing 1,186
Deupree’s Historic Homes: Porterfield, Vicksburg 1,181
Katrina Survivors: Charnley House(s), Ocean Springs 1,162
The Edgewater Gulf Hotel, Queen of the Coast 1,157
Forks of the Road Slave Market site, Natchez 1,141
Abandoned Mississippi: Southern Christian Institute 1,115
Abandoned Mississippi: Yazoo County Agricultural High School 1,071
Streetcars 1,022

In last year’s annual report, I made the following resolutions:

  • Malvaney to get on the ball and get a more regular posting schedule
  • Mississippi preservationists help at least one endangered landmark get back to life

On the first, around September 2014, I finally re-started the News Roundup, which I find valuable for keeping us all informed but very labor intensive. Now that I’m kind of in the groove again, I hope to keep this feature going, and could use your help for news in your neck of the woods, since many local newspapers have cut online access to non-subscribers (which I understand completely). If something is going on in your community that you think should be announced to the World Wide Web, just shoot me an email.

Looking back over last year’s posts, I see a 20th-century theme with Suzassippi’s New Deal series, Thomas Rosell’s Mid-Century Medical posts, and the Mississippi Pilgrimage and Roadside Mississippi series, along with several posts introducing us to Chris Risher of Meridian to shed light on the endangered Meridian Police Station.

Speaking of posting schedules, WordPress made our posting pattern into a work of art (note that they sent this to me the week before Christmas, so the number of posts for the year is off from the real total above):

2014 Posting Patterns

On the second resolution, although Prospect Hill‘s road has been bumpy, many many preservationists have worked hard this year to keep it propped up until some sticky deed and other legal issues could be resolved, and we hope and cross our fingers that its salvation is close at hand. Both Prospect Hill and Waverley embarked on Indiegogo crowd-funding projects in 2014, the first time I’ve seen that and possibly a good fund-raising model for other historic preservation projects.

In 2015, I have big plans, including a new series on HABS in Mississippi and finally the long-promised Craftsman in Mississippi series. Maybe you have an idea for a post or series of posts–let us know–we love volunteers!

As always, we hope to be unabashed promoters for preserving Mississippi’s historic places, from your local house museum or old school to the architecturally significant Modernist police station to the New Capitol. If you’ve been on the ride with us this last year, thank you; if you’re just joining us, welcome and let’s get to work!

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6 replies

  1. Here is to a prosperous & productive 2015. My resolution is to finally write the sequel to that popular “What is Rock Lath?” post, along with some new historical wallboard themed post. I’ve learned a lot about the materials since 2012. 2010 was actually when the post was written Malvaney had to prod me into posting it.

    Thank you to all the readers, especially everyone who comments on posts. Y’all make the effort worthwhile.


  2. Thanks for continuing the blog. As a Mississippi Ex Pat I enjoy keeping up with our architectural history and cultural heritage. I often forward to an architect friend. Looking forward in 2015.


  3. “Preservation in Mississippi” is an early highlight of each morning for me; I’m hoping that you use the “post later” feature of WordPress and are not up at 5am typing away each day! Thanks for this blog, and please keep it coming. Best wishes for lots of encouraging news in 2015.


    • Hahaha, yes, we use the Post Later feature as a matter of course! Speaking only for myself, you can imagine me typing away around 11:30 the night before, as I lean more toward the night owl end of the spectrum. But for some reason, in the first couple of weeks of the blog, I started scheduling the posts for 6 AM the following morning and we’ve just kept the schedule ever since, unless it’s an emergency or random post.

      We love having you as part of MissPres, and thanks for all your comments!


  4. I echo these comments! Thank you for everything you post and share with us!


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