Free to a Good Home


John B. Delmas House, c. 1840

John B. Delmas House, c. 1840

Charles B. Delmas House, c. 1905

Charles B. Delmas House, c. 1905

Wanted: Preservation-minded person(s) to give a piece of Pascagoula history a home. Guaranteed to provide happy new owner many fun hours of hammering, sawing, scraping and painting. Happy ghosts of various Delmas family members may come along for the adventure.  Call 601-354-0200 for more info.

The backstory:

Categories: Demolition/Abandonment, Historic Preservation


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  1. What a wonderful home. I wish I had the financial capability to be able to restore such a treasure…keep up the wonderful work that you are doing!


  2. Are you looking for someone to take on the homes where they sit or would they need to be moved? My husband and I have a small remodeling business. I would definetly appreciate more information.



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