MDAH’s Fred Daniels Photographic Collection Online

Jackson c.1918, Fred Daniels Collection, MDAH

Jackson c.1918, Fred Daniels Collection, MDAH

MDAH recently announced the addition of the Fred Daniels collection to their Flickr photostream. The Daniels family managed a studio in downtown Jackson:

The Daniel, Al Fred, Photograph Collection consists of 586 photographs from three studios managed by the Albert Frederick Daniel family in Jackson, Mississippi, as well as copy prints of other photographers’ work. Most of the photographs were taken in Jackson, although there are groups of images of the tung oil industry in south Mississippi and Boy Scouts at campgrounds around the state. Other subjects include businesses, churches (interior and exterior), colleges, floods, hospitals, politicians, public buildings, schools, and street scenes. Of special interest are panoramic photographs of early floods in downtown Jackson, images of the Mississippi Farmers Market and the Farish Street business district, and multiple images of both the Old Capitol and the Mississippi State Capitol buildings.

You can see 146 of the Daniels images on Flickr, and many of the pictures are new to me. Scroll through and see some buildings you’ve probably never seen before, and others in a new light:

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