Month: July 2013

Webster County Courthouse Update

You may recall that N.W. Overstreet’s 1915 Webster County Courthouse suffered major damage from fire earlier in the year. The Webster Progress-Times is reporting that an engineering report has just been turned in to the board of supervisors: The fire-damaged courthouse is… Read More ›

A Cool Half Million

Someone was toying with me tonight. I waited 35 minutes to catch a screenshot of our 500,000th view on the blog, and somehow missed it in about one minute of inattention! Thanks for being a part of this little blog,… Read More ›

A Sad Loss For Mendenhall

In an inexplicable decision, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History Board of Trustees today voted 5-2 to allow the Simpson County School District to demolish the 1938 Mendenhall High School Auditorium. Mayor Steve Womack of Mendenhall set the tone… Read More ›

Swimming Pools For Some

I’ve recently picked up the book The Land Was Ours: African American Beaches from Jim Crow to the Sunbelt South by Andrew W. Kahrl. It’s been a revelation. More than just a history of segregated beaches, the book explains the… Read More ›

How Many Can You Identify?

Before skyscrapers like Vicksburg’s First National Bank and before airplanes, I guess the tallest vantage point to take a picture in Vicksburg was from the Post Office, as seen in the postcard view below. Here’s a little mid-summer pop quiz. First,… Read More ›

Preservation Under Pressure

As we celebrate our nation’s birthday and reflect on the right to free expression that we enjoy as Americans, the precarious future of the 1938 Mendenhall High School Auditorium is foremost in my mind. Despite the fact that this Mississippi… Read More ›

Fire at the Hinds County Armory

WLBT reported a fire at the Hinds County Armory on the Missisisppi State Fairgrounds this evening. Word from the site indicates the fire was put out around 6:45, but if that’s the case, it was going for about an hour.