Presentations from Preservation in Economic Development Conference

While not breaking news, I learned this week that shortly after the April 2012 Power of Preservation in Economic Development Conference, the Mississippi Heritage Trust made available on their website several of the presentations given at that conference in Ocean Springs. Having attended I am excited to see the presentations available online for a refresher. If you were not able to attend the conference you should make reading these presentations a high priority. Here are some of the highlights

Historic Preservation and the Economy: Recent Lessons from Home and Abroad

In the past, advocates for historic preservation have made their case on the cultural, social, education and aesthetic contributions of the built heritage. Donovan Rypkema of Place Economics in Washington D.C. demonstrates that while those arguments are as important as ever, recent research reveals the important role historic preservation can play in a local economy. The presentation makes the case that where Social, Environmental, and Economic development overlap, that is Historic Preservation. Click here to see the presentation.

Preservation as an Economic Engine

Randy Hemann of Downtown Salisbury (N.C.) Inc. explains the value of a historic building and how to compare tax bases between different areas of a community. The nuts and bolts of presenting the value of investing in historic buildings to an elected official or to anyone walking down Main Street is presented. Click here to see the presentation.

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