Vacation Postcards: Magnolia Motor Hotel, Vicksburg

MissPres is on vacation this week, but we’re sending postcards back from Mississippi’s past.

MAGNOLIA MOTOR HOTEL, Vicksburg, Mississippi. Service–Courtesy–Hospitality. Completely Air Conditioned–65 Bedrooms with Baths–Coffee Shop–Dining Room–Swimming Pool–Placeground–Complete Hotel Service–Highways 61 and 80 at the Mississippi River Bridge–PHONE 3841. Quality Courts United and AAA. Recommended by DUNCAN HINES.

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  1. This is so pretty. Where did “Motor Hotel” go? The shortened form – Motel – is just awful!!! Sounds so cheesy. Love the ornamental wrought iron work and awnings! I’m sure one of our gentle readers will pop me for using the term “wrought iron” but that’s what I’ve always called that beautiful curly-Q stuff on balconies in NOLA and here.


    • I don’t know about “popping” you. Many people refer to ornamental cast iron as “wrought” iron. The material composition, the manufacturing process, and the material properties are very different, but the shorthand of calling cast iron “wrought” is very common.


  2. Awesome that it’s recommended by Duncan Hines!


  3. As for the history of the word “motel”, a hotel in San Luis Obispo claims the title as the first to use the term. It was originally hyphenated and was known as the Milestone Mo-Tel.


  4. When was it built and when was it unbuilt (or was it)?


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