Month: August 2012

Modernist Storefronts of Pascagoula

Pascagoula, better known for its colonial-period Old Spanish Fort (aka De le Pointe-Krebs House), actually has some really interesting mid-20th-century buildings for the architectural explorer to examine. The commercial strip on Delmas Avenue in particular, although partially covered as a downtown “mall” as part of an urban renewal scheme in the 1970s, still has a few nicely done Modernist storefronts.

Three Early Fall Happenings

Since we’re having such unseasonably (but welcome) low temperatures lately, we know it’s time to start thinking about September and early fall events. Three have popped up on my radar lately, ranging from the far north (Holly Springs) to central… Read More ›

Welcome To Our Fine City

Many towns use their historic (or newer) water tanks to announce their name to visitors, such as Mendenhall or nearby Magee. But others go the extra mile, getting creative with landscaping to bring their name closer to earth. Possibly the… Read More ›

Gulf Park Update

Intrepid MissPreser and Gulf Coast preservation reporter Mark Davis took note of recent comments on the March 2010 Gulf Park post and went down to the campus, located right on Beach Boulevard in Long Beach, to see the state of things… Read More ›

Round the Blogosphere 8-6-2012

This probably doesn’t qualify as a full-fledged Round the Blogosphere, but since JRGordon didn’t find much in the Mississippi newspapers for a News Roundup, I thought I’d throw out a few articles I’ve bookmarked recently from the outside world. First… Read More ›