Mound Bayou 125th Anniversary Celebration

July 12th marks the 125th anniversary of the founding of the City of Mound Bayou, Mississippi.  During the week of July 8-14, 2012, the City of Mound Bayou invites you to share in the celebration of this unique community, established in 1887 by former slaves.

Isaiah T. Montgomery and Benjamin Green led the founding and early years of the community.  The town was prosperous and illustrated what a community founded on principles of social and economic justice could accomplish, in spite of the deeply segregated South.

The Taborian Hospital, opened in 1942 by the International Order of Twelve Knights and Daughters of Tabor, provided low-cost health care to thousands of African Americans in the Mississippi Delta over the years.  The Taborian Hospital is only one example of the history of self-empowerment of this community, and illustrates the capacity of African American communities to rise above the legacy of inequality in the South.  The restoration and renovation of the Taborian Hospital as the Taborian Urgent Care Clinic demonstrates that the legacy of self-empowerment in Mound Bayou continues.

Become a part of history: be in Mound Bayou for the historic occasion of the 125th celebration.

Believing in our past to motivate the future.

You can see updates on the progress of the Taborian Hospital renovation and the 125th celebration at the following links:

City of Mound Bayou Official Facebook

Taborian Hospital website (Note: the Taborian website is under construction and not all links are yet active; check back in the future as they continue to update it)

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