Name This Place 9.5.1

We’ve reached the final innings of this week’s Name This Place contest. Harry Caray has sung Take Me Out to the Ballgame, but there’s still game to be played.

Yesterday, gstone grabbed the first post of the day, Lexington’s Asia Missionary Baptist Church. Then Thomas swooped in to take the second post, the 1964 Sears building in Meridian–a prized knuckleball that I thought no one would get–and Vicksburg’s Prairie-style Shlenker House.

Current Standings:

  • Thomas: 18
  • JRGordon: 9
  • gstone: 7
  • Cindy Hornsby: 6
  • Belinda: 3
  • Suzassippi: 2
  • jeb: 1
  • Neel Reid: 1
  • Kathleen: 1

There will be three posts today, so conceivably any of the top four could walk away as . . .

Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire!

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  1. I don’t know the doors but as an AVID baseball fan, I could not be more excited that Harry Carey made it on the PiM page!!


    • My family was a Cubs family, and I spent several wonderful afternoons on our family vacations at Wrigley Field. He was an icon. Besides, it’s Friday, time for fun, and who says “fun” more than ol’ Harry?


    • One time, around the 7th inning stretch, the drunk fans behind us got in a fight and spilled their beer all over us. It was quite exciting as a 9 or 10 year old to see the cops come and take them away, but it was pretty crummy sitting through the rest of the game sticky from beer.


  2. Laurel First Presbyterian Church


  3. From MDAH: built 1924-1925 in the Gothic Revival style


    • Click the “Architectural” tab for information about architects and builders–one feature of the MDAH database I wish they had just put on the main page so everything was right there.


      • I am learning more every day!. If they would even separate that bar from the header so it looked like a record page (maybe change the buttons to tabs), it would make the system a lot more intuitive. I just thought that bar was site navigation. Oh… and the Architect was Rathbone Emile DeBuys and it was built by Underwood Contracting.


  4. Talk about a door that looks like it would be “at home” on a castle somewhere!

    double-leaf (of course) doors with vertical wooden slats and decorative metalwork (not sure if is actually part of the hinge hardware or just flush with the hinges). The door also has a wooden header with dentil detailing and pointed arch (in the Gothic style) transom. The transom has three distinct sections – two 9 pane sections flanking a central 20 pane section. The entire door is framed by a (stucco looking like stone?) pointed arch surround and has two small vertical rectangular windows with a decorative diamond pattern.


  5. The iron strap work is wild! It looks almost over the top, like the church requested “give us a door that a pirate would be at home walking through” Most of Samuel Yellin’s work I am familiar with was for staid institutional or education buildings. This looks like it was a lot of fun to make.


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