Name This Place 9.4.1

New MissPreser Thomas grabbed the lead in this week’s Name This Place contest, correctly identifying the doors at both St. John’s Episcopal in Ocean Springs and the back entrance at Rosalie. For a while I thought I might have stumped everyone on St. John’s but my evil plot was foiled again!

There’s still two days left and plenty of time to jump in.

Here’s our current standings:

  • Thomas: 10
  • JRGordon: 6
  • Cindy Hornsby: 6
  • gstone: 3
  • Belinda: 3
  • Suzassippi: 2
  • jeb: 1
  • Neel Reid: 1
  • Kathleen: 1

And here’s the first of today’s unnamed doors.

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4 replies

  1. Asia Missionary Baptist, Lexington. 1908. B. G. Olive contractor.


    • Yes! Did you know it already or have to do some detective work?


      • The cornerstone jogged my memory. My one brain cell worked today :) I remembered it was in Lexington(?) I thought. So I just typed Lexington on your wonderful site and Eureka! Long ago when you took us there, I was so surprised it was not Anglican or Roman Catholic. There are so many features of the church that make it unforgettable: 2 narthexes, each with quite different topping details. I hope the one over the cornerstone entrance is the bell tower and the other is just decorative. Excellent execution of detail without mention of an architect. Whodahthunit in little ol’ Lexington, Mis-sip-E?


  2. recessed entry, double-leaf wood doors under a Gothic (4 pane?) divided transom with wood mullions. Portico is a steep gabled roof with “gingerbread” scroll-work trim and supported by two square wood columns.


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