Name This Place 9.4.3

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  1. D.J. Shlenker House on Cherry St. in Vicksburg. I actually lived two blocks away from this one for over a year . From MDAH: Built 1907.


  2. More double-leaf doors! I know the surrounding material is wood – looks like there is two layers of screening over glass (one layer that matches the size of the glass – maybe not a screen, but a weird storm window? and one that is a metal? mesh over about the bottom 1/3). The doors are flanked by leaded glass side panels which are recessed back from (and not flush) the doors and a leaded glass transom spans the entire width.


    • You’re seeing two doors: the front screen doors–just a normal wooden screen door with that heavier mesh in the lower area that would be more susceptible to being kicked or leaned into by little children–and then the regular fully glazed doors behind. The sidelights are actually in line with the regular doors.


  3. Have you come up with any old houses for sell that I need to check out. Maybe you know of some that aren’t even on the market that you know the owners are wanting to sell?? Please let me know. Our search is still on and we need as many “lookers/searchers” as we can. Ms is a big state with lots of great old homes that need loving , flamboyant caretakers!! If anyone knows of a great house that needs a new set of owners, my husband and I are really to take on the adventure. As state previously, we aren’t wanting one that about to have the wreckingball scheduled for next week, we don’t mind some fixing up and painting and repairing minor stuff, but we don’t want to end up with a money pit. If you know of anything or come across anything that needs a couple that will have a fresh start on an abandoned project, let me know. You may just where my next dream home is!!!! Eyes and ears open. Please don’t find us one that is in the middle of crime!!! We only want small % of crime and the bad stuff.
    Let me hear from you!!


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