Halfway through the Delta Poll

With 269 votes, the Delta poll has another week to go. Not unexpectedly, given that the Abandoned Mt. Holly post from 18 months ago is still one of the top hits here on MissPres, Lake Washington’s Mt. Holly is currently in the lead, but only by a hair. Right behind is the elegant Belmont, also near Lake Washington, followed by the famous tamale and steak restaurant Doe’s Eat Place in Greenville. Theodore’s votes for the Crystal Grill have put it in the top 10, but just barely.

The vote totals for the Delta are about in line with Golden Triangle standing at 387 votes at this point, Meridian/East Mississippi at 316, and Vicksburg at 281. Will Delta end up with similar vote totals to those polls, or will it explode in its second week like Natchez and the Coast polls? Only time will tell. This Zen Moment brought to you by the New and Improved Patient Malvaney.

If you haven’t voted yet in the Delta poll, get to it!

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  1. Dearest:

    you, over the internet.

    Who owns the abandoned blind school? Any chance of getting it bought back for through Braille/Goodwill/FEMA/Ticket to Work, funding?

    Bam of SM, CA seeking to help organize re-establishment of property for: preservation of heritage and enhancement of quality of life for those who need this facility for life skills coaching for say: cattle job training (milk could be makeing ice cream), farming skills, and FEMA evacauation site for those in harm way, who need FEMA special services.

    Additionally, puppy breeding/training and “Weave” techniques (making products to sell out of cane materials: flutes from bamboo, hats, purses, and backpacks (from weave material) through Braille teahcing guidelines and Youth Bill Programs/GED/high School Degree, ect. for Special Needs Citizens, in the 12 yrs. – 25 yrs.’ old range, who live on the streets of Santa Monica – Venice, CA area.

    Bam, of: Santa Monica, CA. (310) 452-5033/998-1618, seeking liason for project for Venice Community Housing expansion. (I’m a volunteer, for Kevin).


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