Checkin’ in on the Natchez poll

Well, halfway through our two-week polling period for the Natchez region, it’s time to check in on where things stand. With 641 votes case, not surprisingly, Longwood is out on top, but only just above Windsor Ruins.

Check out where your favorite places fall in the current standings. Happy? surprised? horrified? Make sure to go vote and if you’ve already done so, pass along the link to the poll ( to friends who can help boost your favorite places into the upper tier.

Votes—Property Name

36—Longwood, Natchez
35—Windsor Ruins, Claiborne County
30—Stanton Hall, Natchez
29—Dunleith, Natchez
29—Melrose, Natchez
27—Rosalie, Natchez
27—Gemiluth Chessed Synagogue, Port Gibson
26—St. Mary’s Basilica, Natchez
25—Christ Church, Church Hill community, Jefferson County
24—Auburn, Natchez
22—Rodney Presbyterian Church, Jefferson County
21—Mammy’s Cupboard, Natchez
19—Emerald Mound, Natchez
19—Jefferson College, Washington
18—Commercial Bank, Natchez
17—Glen Auburn, Natchez
17—Oakland Chapel, Alcorn State University
17—Poplar Hill School, Jefferson County
15—First Presbyterian Church, Port Gibson
15—West Feliciana RR Office, Woodville
14—Choctaw, Natchez
13—William Johnson House, Natchez
12—Richmond, Natchez
12—Rocky Springs Methodist Church, Claiborne County
12—Rosemont, Wilkinson County
11—D’Evereux, Natchez
11—Grand Village of the Natchez Indians, Natchez
11—Branch Banking House, Woodville
11—Wilkinson County Courthouse, Woodville
10—Gloucester, Natchez
10—St. Mary’s Chapel, Laurel Hill Plantation, Adams County
9—Bethel Presbyterian Church, Claiborne County
9—Rodney Baptist Church, Jefferson County
8—Texada, Natchez
7—Prentiss Club, Natchez
6—Hampton Hall, Wilkinson County
6—Cherokee, Natchez
1—Forks of the Road, Natchez

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  1. One thing that dawned on my looking at this list and thinking about it is that there are no cemeteries on the list.

    Two cites associated with my family (Windsor, Bethel Church) are on the list, but a family cemetery nearby on an Indian mound– that I would place clearly second to Windsor, but ahead of Bethel Church, which my grandfather’s grandfather built with his brother. I don’t have a sense for what cemeteries might be worthy of this list, yet think some should be. Certainly Evergreen in Port Gibson.

    Thinking on these lines has me also thinking of the military park at Vicksburg, and wondering whether the pavilion holding the Cairo isn’t worthy of attention on a list of 101 buildings in Mississippi….


  2. That’s a good point. Unfortunately, it’s too late to add anything to the Natchez group (if it weren’t I would add the House on Ellicott’s Hill, which inexplicably never got brought up in the suggestion phase), but I will add the Vicksburg Military Park to the Vicksburg group, since we haven’t started polling on that yet. That’s a unique one that I think merits attention on a number of levels.



  1. Natchez Poll Results | Preservation in Mississippi

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