101 Mississippi Places: Delta Poll

After a few weeks’ break from our polling, we’re back on the track and coming into the homestretch to cut our initial list of Mississippi places down to what will be the final 101 Mississippi Places to See Before You Die. After the Delta poll, we only have two more to go: Piney Woods and Jackson. If all goes as planned (and you know, sometimes it doesn’t), we should finish these up by early December, which will give our MissPres authors some time to scratch our heads and puzzle over numbers and statistics and publish the “final” list in early 2012.

As per the Usual Plan of Operation, the Delta poll will be open two weeks, closing around midnight October 21. This is one of our longer polls, with 38 choices, so you can vote for up to 19. I know for certain that one particular MissPreser will be casting all his votes for the Crystal Grill in Greenwood. The rest of you might want to do some more research before voting, in which case, I have tried to find links to photos, at the very least, for each property, along with other documentation such as National Register nominations and HABS photos.


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  1. Yes I voted for Doe’s, because it is not only in the process of getting on the list of National Register of Historic Places, but it is an experience. It not just a sight….but an experience. It should be on everyone’s bucket list.



  1. Delta Poll Results « Preservation in Mississippi

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