MissPres 101 Places: Golden Triangle Area Poll

While y’all continue to mull over this week’s series about the Mississippi and Arkansas capitol domes, why not cast a vote or two in our Golden Triangle poll? As you know, we’re working our way through the regions of the state, trying to cull our initial list of about 300 Mississippi places down to the magic number of 101. We’re over halfway through, and we hope to have polling done by Thanksgiving or so, and then have the final list up on the site by the new year. Then, it will be up to you MissPresers to start filling in some of the entries with research and photos! Won’t that be a fun group project? Raise your hand if you used to hate group projects in school? Well, I’m sure that this one will turn out much better than those lame projects did.

If you are just joining us, you can see the previous poll results here:

And here are the nominees for the Golden Triangle region. I’ve tried to find decent pictures to link to, as well as National Register and Historic American Building Survey information for you to do your research before voting. Not that I’m advocating research before voting as a rule, but just in case you feel like it. Whatever. The poll will be open for two weeks, closing around midnight on Sept. 9, so once you’ve voted, be sure to share the link with anyone you think would be interested in voting too. You can vote for up to 17 places.

Columbus area/Golden Triangle

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2 replies

  1. I’d like a write in for the Cotton District if this isn’t strictly historic places.


  2. That’s one vote for the Cotton District. But it’s too late to add it to the poll. Sorry!


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