101 MissPres Places: East/Central Mississippi Poll Results

The results for the East/Central Mississippi poll are in, and it was down to the wire between the modernist Meridianites and the antebellum Raymondonians to see who would edge the other out. At the halfway point, Chris Risher, Sr.’s Vise Building held a commanding lead, but in the second half of the competition, the Raymond folk must have discovered the poll because they came back from the bottom half to almost squeeze out a victory for their iconic antebellum courthouse. The Vise Building still came out on top, with 10% of the vote, leaving other iconic and worthy Meridian buildings such as the Threefoot Building and Merrehope down in the middling crowd.

With 618 votes, this poll didn’t come close to the high vote totals from the Natchez District  (4,502) or the Coast (4,191) but at least it’s significantly higher than the low point of poll participation, the Central poll (Canton to Carrollton), which garnered a measly and embarrassing 339 votes. I would like everyone to notice that Lawrence Consolidated School got 9 votes, which means that someone besides me voted for it.

On another note, in case you missed our “extra” post on Friday and are puzzled by the new blog format, check out “I Feel a Change Comin’ On” and register your opinions there. We’re test-driving this new format for a week or so to see if we like it, so if you have strong feelings of love or hatred, now’s the time to let your voice be heard. If the general consensus is that we all liked the old way better, it’s not too much trouble to switch back, so don’t despair.

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  1. Great results for the Meridian sites, even if some are in the “middling crowd!” And the new look, especially the homepage view, is great so far.


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