Oxford/Holly Springs Poll Results

The Oxford/Holly Springs area poll, our latest poll in the run-up for our 101 Mississippi Places list, ended exactly at midnight on Friday, in a rare display of paying attention on my part.

We almost made 1000 votes, which puts Oxford/Holly Springs right about in the middle as far as total vote counts goes, way ahead of the Central and Northeast polls, but way behind the Natchez and Coast polls.

Rowan Oak tops the list, a very appropriate choice I think. I had hoped the Holly Springs folks would pop in during the second week, but Holly Springs only fell further behind, with its top property, the Illinois Central Depot, scoring behind even the Taylor Grocery. Congrats to Tom Freeland for getting out the vote for his law office, which apparently is more popular amongst the voting population than the Lyceum! Who knew?

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  1. At this point (to date) do we know who are the first 20 on the list for all districts that have been polled. Can it be published?


  2. I hate to make this comment, since I suggested that we do a poll to decide the 101 Greatest, Most Spectacular, Amazing Mississippi Places (or whatever the poll is exactly called) and since I had high hopes that the poll would determine something meaningful about Mississippi’s architectural landscape, but this poll had devolved into a farce if Tom Freeland’s law office is a more important/popular building than the Lyceum. Only 19 people besides myself thought the Tate County Courthouse deserved a vote, and that courthouse is the best Victorian courthouse in Mississippi.

    The poll has told us something about Mississippi’s preservation landscape, beware people with access to large servers and too much time on their hands, those people will stuff the ballot box.


  3. Well, I voted for the Tate County Courthouse.


  4. There are three places I voted for (Cedarhurst, Airliewood, and the Tate County Courthouse) that apparently didn’t make it, but I thought should.

    I posted that this poll was ongoing from my blog and on Facebook. I voted once. I don’t have access to a “large server,” probably no larger than yours. I’d be curious what you mean by suggesting ballot box stuffing.

    I have no illusion that my office should have been higher than the bottom third of this poll– although I’d have thought it worthy of that for historical and other reasons.

    But then W. White, you were saying people should vote against Oxford sites altogether, so perhaps that’s you’re problem.


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