Name This Place 7: Results!

In the final day of last week’s Name This Place contest, martin seigrist was able to correctly identify the Administration Building on the campus of the University of South Mississippi.  W. White shared a plethora of information including the building’s architect Vinson B. Smith Jr.  JRGordon shared information regarding the building’s listing as part of a National Register district in March of 2010, and JEB grabbed a point for identifying the capitals as being papyriform (my new word for the day).

Administration Building University of South Mississippi Hattiesburg, MS c. 1928

W. White  grabbed the last points available by identifying the Hancock County Court House, with extra points for JRGordon for identifying other Gulf Coast work done by the original contractor for the court house.

Hancock County Courthouse Bay St. Louis, MS c. 1911

So for the the standings, we have a tie for first place:

JRGordon: 12 points
W. White: 12 points
martin seigrist: 9 points
Kathleen Jenkins: 4 points
crpiii: 2 points
JEB: 2 points
Tom Barnes: 1 point
Susan Allen: 1 point
Levi Weeks: 1 point

Honestly all participants are Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaires in my book and all will now kneel before you as a *Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire* until the next contest.  Stand by for details on the coronations, and please let us know what typeface font you would like to use on your official letter head.  I hope every one had fun and learned something new about the great buildings featured in the contest.  I know I sure did.  And keep your eyes peeled for those details because you never know what will be the focus of our next contest.

Categories: Architectural Research, Contest, Historic Preservation

5 replies

  1. Although I’m a plebe compared to all the other participants, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for doing this!


  2. “Plebe”–good Army word. We’ll make you an Army of One yet! :-)


  3. Regarding typeface fonts – I vote for “wingdings” = seems appropriate to how I feel most days in slogging through overwhelming demands and interminable bureaucracy.



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