Month: March 2011

Polling in the Center

We’ve polled in three of the four corners of the state (Natchez, Coast, Northeast), so I figure it’s time to move back to the center. Today, we’ll open the poll for what I think of as the Yazoo Bluffs region–Carrollton,… Read More ›

Heroden Baptist Church

Back in February, Malvaney ran this post talking about a new biography of architect W.A. Rayfield and included a list of buildings in Mississippi that he designed.  The last one on the list was Heroden Baptist Church in Vicksburg. The… Read More ›

Northeast Poll Results

After a particularly slow start, the Northeast poll ended up with a total of 1,388 votes, which is the lowest total so far (Natchez had 4,502 and the Coast had 4,191). Not too bad considering, I guess. Perhaps not coincidentally,… Read More ›

Feds Gone Mad

I don’t consider myself an architectural critic since I’m a historian, not an architect. I tend to look at buildings from a historical perspective and examine what they tell me about the people who built them rather than judging them… Read More ›