Name This Place 8.0 – And the winner is . . .

The last image yesterday was of the 1917 Walthall County Courthouse in Tylertown designed by X.A. Kramer.  Martin Seigrist picked up all four points, but they only brought him up to second place.

The new Name This Place Contest winner is Susan Allen – who led the way with 12 total points.

As Thomas Rossell said when posting results of the last contest “all will now kneel before you as a *Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire* until the next contest.  Stand by for details on the coronations, and please let us know what typeface font you would like to use on your official letter head.”

It was a fun week for me – I hope you enjoyed it too!

Categories: Contest, Historic Preservation

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  1. It was a great week! I love this game. And in October, I’ll be conducting my first ever historical preservation worksop, so may need to call on all-a-yall for some help. It’ll help my creds to have this award on my resume, though. :) I think something with an architectural ring, like “Gothic” for the font.


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