Name This Place 8.0

While our fearless leader is away, the rest of the MissPres World will play.

That’s right, it’s time for the latest edition of Name This Place.  In the last edition, W. White and I tied for the honors of *Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire* but who will take the title this time?

Since I’m hosting this version of our little online game show, I got permission to change the scoring system a little.  Here’s how the JRGordon version of Name This Place will work:

  1. Two posts per day @ 9 am and 1 pm
  2. The first person to ID the building and it’s location gets 2 points
  3. The first person to name the architect gets 1 point
  4. The first person to give the date of the building gets 1 point
  5. YES – if you ID the building, location, architect and date in the first post, you get all 4 points
  6. I love what my family refers to as “trivial knowledge” – as I’m sure most MissPres readers do when it comes to buildings – so go ahead and share any additional tidbits you have about the buildings, but do NOT expect bonus points
  7. Since I’m not expecting Pro Football this fall, I’m going to work on my own version of a “Touchdown Celebration Dance” in case I manage to stump you all on a building (and if I do stump everyone, you bet that I’m taking the 4 points).

Alright contestants, get your thinking caps on and get ready for the first image at 9 Monday Morning!

Categories: Contest, Cool Old Places, Historic Preservation

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