Name This Place 7.5.2

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  1. Hancock County Courthouse in Bay St. Louis


    • It was completed in 1911 and designed by the New Orleans firm of Keenan and Weiss for slightly under $25,000. The Jett brothers were contractors for the courthouse. Napoleon Caron moved the old courthouse off the site. The courthouse was damaged by both Hurricanes Camille and Katrina, which resulted in renovations in both cases.


      • In case anyone is wondering, in 1911, $50 would buy a person the cornerstone to the Hancock County Courthouse. That is how much it cost to purchase and install the cornerstone for that building.

        The current Hancock County Courthouse is the fourth dedicated courthouse building. In 1817, the first county courthouse was constructed in Center (later known as Caesar). The second courthouse was constructed in 1837 at the new county seat at Gainesville, a town on the Pearl River. In 1867, after some political maneuvering, the county seat was moved to Shieldsborough. Shieldsborough was renamed Bay St. Louis in 1875.


  2. Keenan & Weiss also did the “remodeling” of the Mexican Gulf Hotel in Pass Christian in 1909 (the original building was 1883) only to have the Hotel demolished in 1916.

    The Hancock County Courthouse is a ML (1983 designation) and is in the NRD there in Bay St. Louis as well.


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