Halfway through the Northeast Poll–is anybody out there?

Well, there no use pussyfooting around–nobody seems interested in historic properties in the Northeast corner of our state. Either that, or the people who are interested, aren’t online. I guess possibly the properties in the poll aren’t inspiring to people, but on the other hand, they were the ones that were suggested during the open suggestion season of December.

At the halfway point, we have a grand total of 271 votes–that includes 24 votes by yours truly, on my home and office computers. I have nothing left to give here, so all y’all who are up in that direction or know people in that part of the state, head over there and vote yourself, and pass the link along and drum up some votes.

The Natchez District poll ended up with 4502 votes, while the Coast poll had a total of 4191 when it closed, so the Northeast has quite a lot of distance to make up if it’s going to be even in the same ballpark. Even 4 figures would inspire me at this point. It’s true that Natchez only had 641 votes at the halfway point, so maybe the Northeast can come back as strongly as they did.

Here’s how things stand right now:

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  1. In Oxford, I’m very close to some of the places (just northwest of Walthall, just southwest of New Albany), and I voted enthusiastically for several places, but don’t think there’s as interesting a group for voting as the last two rounds. Additionally, just from my blogging experience, I know you are going to have a much smaller audience, possibly even lower than the smaller population would suggest. So I expected lighter interest in this poll.


    • Originally I had lumped Oxford and Holly Springs in with the northeast, but that list was up around 50 properties, which I think is just too long (Natchez had 37 as I recall), so I had to split those off, and you’re right, the resulting list is not quite as inspiring as it might have been. Oh well.


  2. So where’s the poll? I’d vote if I knew where it was.


  3. How do you participate in the poll?


  4. Is there a poll of all the areas already completed reflecting the standing of each property?


  5. The poll is at https://misspreservation.com/2011/03/04/northeast-poll-is-now-open/

    Sorry I didn’t include that link in the post, although it was over in the sidebar.


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