Northeast Poll is now open

Now that we’ve covered the southwest corner and the southeast corner of the state, I think it’s time to move up to the northeast corner in our polling to create our 101 Places to See Before You Die. As in the previous polls, you can do a little research from our list here, where I’ve attempted to find at least a picture and a little historical information for each building.

As you can see, our northeast region kind of reaches down to Webster County, but don’t be concerned that you don’t see Aberdeen, West Point, Starkville or Columbus here–we had so many in those places that we had to give them their own region, which we’ll poll separately.

As with previous regions, the list below was gathered through a month-long suggestion period in December 2010. If a place you like is not on this list, it’s too late for this poll, but go ahead and suggest it in the comments below and we’ll see if we can do a follow-up poll for the stragglers later on in the process.

Read over the list here, and then pick your favorites in the poll below. Both the Natchez and the Coast polls had over 4,000 votes–can the northeast region muster those numbers? The race is on!

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  1. I was appalled to notice that the Burnsville Colored School and the Old Tishomingo County Courthouse were not on this list! Thanks goodness for Tishomingo County that the Midway School was on the list!


  2. Love the plays that are performed at the Lyric


  3. The Superintendents House at the Private John Allen Fish Hatchery in Tupelo is worthy of a vote.


  4. Where is the Waverly Plantation of West Point?


  5. Just wondering where Columbus-Starkville-West Point fall in this mapping of the state…


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