Month: November 2009

Overly Loved Historic Buildings

I had a chance to go through lots of photos I’ve taken on my recent jaunts around the state, and I thought now might be a good time to bring up the topic of good intentions and how they pave the road to . . . well, to be blunt, Hades. I refer particularly to the state of being “loved to death” and how this sometimes happens to our beloved historic buildings around the state.

Checking in on New Orleans

The Atlantic Monthly has an interesting article about the architectural developments in the rebuilding of New Orleans, “Houses of the Future” by Wayne Curtis. Given the virtual absence of concentrated federal, state, or city re-development (except for wholesale demolition), a variety… Read More ›

Architecture and Music

Friday evening I attended a chamber concert by the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra at St. Andrews Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Jackson. I especially love the MSO’s chamber series, because each of the four concerts is held in a church, not only… Read More ›

Notes from SESAH

Well, the SESAH conference is over as of Saturday’s bus tour of Jackson’s historic sites. I’m sure all of you were able to attend and listen to interesting papers and the thoughtful keynote lecture. If you weren’t though, rest assured… Read More ›