Month: September 2009

Remembering the Heidelberg

Mississippi State University Digital Archive CHARM Collection. Rand Clayton Papers. Photographer unknown. Taken 1963- date of subject is likely earlier. The image has been colorized. B/W original The Hotel Heidelberg was a fixture on Capitol Street for fifty five  years.  The … Read More ›

A Few Fall Happenings

Carrollton Pilgrimage A colleague showed me a nice little brochure yesterday for the Carrollton Pilgrimage and I wanted to make sure all MissPres readers got the news right away so you could plan ahead. Seems that for the first time maybe in… Read More ›

MissPres News Roundup 9-11-2009

Another Friday, another MissPres News Roundup, just like clockwork, even though I’ve had a long and arduous week. This week’s featured song is “Nobody Knows the Troubles I’ve Seen.” August something: An article in the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal  that I initially… Read More ›

Happy Labor Day

For all those who, like me, didn’t really think Mississippi had labor unions, this little clip from the Dec. 8, 1946 edition of the Jackson Daily News about the Carpenters and Joiners new union hall on South State Street: It’s… Read More ›