Mississippi Architect, Dec. 1964: Architects’ Office

I have tried and failed to figure out where the architects’ office featured in the December 1964 issue of Mississippi Architect might be and am beginning to suspect that it fell victim to that “projected interstate highway” mentioned in the article, presumably I-20. But thankfully, Cooke-Douglass-Farr, now known as CDFL, is still in business, and maybe someone there can point us to where this little gem might still be standing.


Architects’ Office


Office Building for Cooke-Douglass-Farr, Jackson, Miss.


Jackson, Miss.

William W. Adams
Electrical Engineer
Jackson, Miss.

Nickles & Wells
General Contractor
Jackson, Miss.

THIS building was designed for the particular uses of the architect-engineer owner. The layout was dictated for efficient operation from the drafting room.

The site is a rolling tree-studded commercial-professional area just south of a projected interstate highway. A sloping lot and poor soil conditions, plus the desire to use the site in its natural state, resulted in the choice of a structural concrete slab, off grade, supported on six concrete piles.

The building thus seems to float above the wooded lot. Access is by a ramp in front and stairs in the rear.

End walls are brick veneer with cypress paneled front and rear walls. Four sliding glass doors opens to the exterior. The front elevation is shaded by a cypress solar screen.

Interior walls are cypress rough cut siding combined with gypsum board and pegboard.

The roof deck is supported by laminated wood beams. Floors are covered with vinyl sheet goods and carpet.\

Lighting is from plastic luminous ceiling panels placed between every other beam.

Parking is provided to the rear of the lot. Access to the waiting room, drafting room, office and conference room is by a covered porch on the front and rear.



This article is reprinted from the December 1964 issue of the Mississippi Architect, with permission from the Mississippi Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. For other articles in this ongoing series, including the pdf version of each full issue, click on the MSArcht tab at the top of this page.

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8 replies

  1. Still there, although much maligned from its straightforward beginnings.


  2. Try to think of it as just an emphasis added comment. I think I liked the original building the best though.


  3. The Cooke’s and the Farr’s both lived in Alta Woods (neither would have had more than a minute commute). When the office was built it was one of the first buildings in that “planned” development. Sadly not many business’ decided to do the same and most of it still to this day is open space.


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