Mississippi Architect, May 1964: Gulde Methodist Church

A simple Modern rural church was the featured Mississippi building in the May 1964 issue of the Mississippi Architect.


Rankin County, Miss.

Jackson, Miss.

Pelahatchie, Miss.

THIS rural church serves a congregation of less than one hundred and is located near the town of Pelahatchie.

Built on a small budget, all materials are inexpensive and the construction is simple. The building was completed in 1960 at a cost of $8.44 per sq. ft. Brick cavity walls are used at the sanctuary and brick veneer on wood frame is used at educational wing. The sanctuary roof has “scissors” type wood trusses, fabricated on the job. The sanctuary has forced air heating system with provision made for future addition of air conditioning. The educational wing is heated with electric wall heaters.

Two small class rooms, located off the vestibule, can be used as anterooms for weddings, etc. Three class rooms in the educational wing are separated by folding doors and can be opened into one large area for church socials and fellowship suppers.

The design is quiet, warm and reverent, using traditional forms in a present day application. The front wall of vestibule is glazed with colored glass in an abstract design and recalls traditional stained glass windows .


This article is reprinted from the May 1964 issue of the Mississippi Architect, with permission from the Mississippi Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. View the full May 1964 issue of Mississippi Architect in a digitized format, or for other articles in this ongoing series, including the pdf version of each full issue, click on the MSArcht tab at the top of this page.

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2 replies

  1. We went to a funeral last summer in Midnight that, as I remember it, had a very similarly built Methodist Church. It was a beautiful space. Do you know if this was a plan promoted/distributed by the MS UMC at that time?


  2. $8 a square foot! That is amazing. Great find


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