MissPres News Roundup 9-7-2016

This mid-week news round-up is less varied than last week’s round-up, but it still features some good information.     Starting off with some concerning news regarding several large rehabilitation projects in both Gulfport and Natchez. In Gulfport, Virginia attorney Robert Lubin… Read More ›

HABS in Mississippi: The Manse, Natchez

HABS Survey Number: HABS MS-150 See also: HABS webpage Mississippi Historic Resources Database: “The Presbyterian Manse is one of the most significant Federal-style houses in Mississippi and exhibits the quality of architectural finish that is usually indicative of a full-scale mansion.”

Cataloguing Mississippi for HABS: Early Recording Efforts

The following list of buildings and sites was taken from documents in Record Group 515 at the National Archives. Twelve buildings were recorded through measured drawings in the 1930s, and in 1939 additional places were considered. The resulting list, entitled “Structures Proposed for Measurement,” was compiled by the state office led by District Officer Emmett J. Hull.