MissPres News Roundup 11-28-2017

The year is almost over, hard to believe.  No more time for turkey talk, let’s jump right in to one of the last Mississippi Preservation news roundups for 2017.

I don’t usually lead with National news but this is an incredibly important story.  The current Senate tax bill keeps but cuts down on the historic tax credit benefit.


In a tweet the preservation advocacy group Preservation Action reports…

“The Senate Finance Committee advanced their tax reform bill with the 20% #HistoricTaxCredit restored, but requires it be claimed over 5 years. The Senate is expected to vote after Thanksgiving. The House passed version of tax reform did not include the HTC. Our advocacy continues.”

Without these tax incentives a lot of restoration of privately owned historic places just does not happen.  The King Edward Hotel in Jackson is the biggest example of credits making a project happen here in Mississippi, but if you look on the MDAH website, there are a lot of smaller projects that rely on these credits as well.  This tax credits isn’t a government handout either.  A study by Rutgers University found that for every $1 invested in the program has yielded a return of more than $1.18 returned to the U.S. Treasury.  Here is what the National Trust for Historic Preservation recommends you can do to help save the preservation tax credits (link below).  It only takes a minute, so consider doing your part.


From Hernando we have a story questioning if the Historic Preservation Committee appointees are selected by the city’s mayor or board?


Threefoot Building. Meridian. Lauderdale County c. 2009

The Meridian Star reports that work on the Threefoot Building could begin as soon as December 10th of this year.


From Jackson there is a story about how the M.W. Stringer Grand Lodge Building was the epicenter of the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi.


Mt. Helm Baptist Church Jackson Hinds County. 9-2016 Eric Reisman, MDAH from MDAH HRI accessed 11-27-2017

Also from Jackson is a story about the inclusion of Mount Helm Baptist Church, a landmark in Jackson, in an exhibit at the soon to open Mississippi History Museum.


From Natchez we have news that the Wilson-Holder Drug Company is closing after 40 years on Franklin Street.


Firefighters gather at the scene of a building collapse in McComb on Sunday evening Matt Williams Enterprise-Journal

From McComb we have word that the insurer of the downtown theater says it shouldn’t have to pay for building collapse. The historic theater collapsed this past July as a result of clogged gutters.


The Kit Jones, a 60-foot wood hulled tugboat, is a part of Georgia history, and is listed in the new “Places in Peril” released by the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. CONTRIBUTED BY GEORGIA TRUST FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION

Find out why a tugboat in Biloxi, Mississippi is on the Georgia Trust “Places in Peril” list for 2018?


Staying on the coast in Jackson County–at the Hwy 57 crossing of Red Creek. MDOT’s inability to fix a historic bridge almost killed a Memphis couple.  The bridge was damaged back in September of this year and MDOT does not seem interested in maintaining a safe roadway.


Today is Giving Tuesday.  Maybe consider donating to your favorite Preservation organization today?

If you know of any preservation-related news items not mentioned, or if you have more information about a story above please let us know in the comments below.

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