MissPres News Roundup 10-18-2017

Due to a scheduling error our regular Tuesday roundup is running Wednesday.

Mississippi appears to have come out of Hurricane Nate relatively unscathed, but there is bad news to report this week, with a little bit of good news to ease the pain. Let’s jump right into this week’s roundup.

A Tupelo property belonging to Elvis’ grandparents will be auctioned off on November 11. from WLOX

Starting in Tupelo, a home owned by Elvis Presley grandparents is set to be sold.  Not to be confused with the Shotgun-type house that Elvis grew up in on what is now called Elvis Presley Drive, this similar structure is a house that Elvis did spend time at when he was young.


A Natchez story relates the news that a proposed dock on the river would be subject to Section 106 review.  This review process is part of the National Historic Preservation Act that requires federal agencies to take into account the effect of projects on historic properties.


Margaret Martin School

Another story from Natchez, tells us that the former Margaret Martin School may become a film
studio, and that very few changes would be necessary to adapt the building to that use.  As the building has a Mississippi Landmark designation, any proposed changes would have to be reviewed by the Miss. Dept. of Archives and History.



The Delta Business Journal stated that Grenada is “on the verge of greatness” stating that the town has firmly invested in its historic downtown.


In Hattiesburg the demolition of portions of the Mount Carmel Baptist Church began.  After a public hearing where a majority of citizens spoke against the building’s demolition, the city council ultimately approved the acceptance of the sole $340,000 bid for demolition.



In web roundup news…

A story out of Memphis, Tenn. gives some interesting insight how the city is successfully addressing blight, and surprise, surprise it is not by demolishing buildings but by working with partners to restore them and get them occupied and back on the tax rolls once more.  I think many Mississippi cities could learn from this example. As a matter of fact the article states that officials from Hattiesburg have visited Memphis to learn more about that city’s success.


If you know of any preservation-related news items not mentioned, or if you have more information about a story above please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Hope all preservationists will come to MS Heritage a Trusts 10 Most Endangered event Thursday night, October 19, 6:00 pm.
    Info and tickets – http://www.ms10most.com

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  2. Ms. Laura Blokker of TULANE DEPARTMENT of ARCHITECTURE has completed the 2017 EAST BILOXI AFRICAN-AMERICAN and CIVIL RIGHTS HISTORIC RESOURCES SURVEY in conjunction with the CITY, MDAH, and several community-based groups. MDAH apparently has not updated you about this or provided a link. Please contact their public information officer for copy of the SURVEY which is available as a PDF.


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