Industrial Mississippi: Tupelo’s Day-Brite Plant

It appears that the Day-Brite plant in Tupelo, pictured in the 1951 Mississippi edition of Manufacturer’s Record, not only still survives but–wonder of wonders!–is still a light bulb plant, now Philips Day-Brite (at least as of this Nov. 2013 streetview). Yes, its clerestory windows seem to have been covered with metal, and the one-story office/reception wing has been subsumed into a larger, colonnaded entrance, but I think this building on South Green Street is still doing what it was built to do 65 years ago, and in the world of American manufacturing, that’s a win. (As a side note, it looks like the no-hyphen “DayLine” is still being produced and has entered the LED age. I’ll have to start paying attention to 1950s fluorescent light fixtures to see if I can spot a vintage Day-Line.)




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  1. Where can I find 1951 Manufacturer’s Record? Looking for picture of Milam Manufacturing building – that period – Tupelo. Thanks so much!


  2. My father worked there in the 70’s. Johnny Wayne Thompson.


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