Industrial Mississippi: Rice-Stix Factory, Water Valley

In anticipation of next week’s ListenUp! preservation conference in Water Valley . . .

The Rice-Stix factory in Water Valley, pictured here in the 1951 Mississippi issue of Manufacturer’s Record, opened on February 28, 1946, according to the webpage “Water Valley History.” Belying the boosterish tone of the Manufacturer’s Record, the factory went through a strike in 1952, as told by Joe Atkins in “The story of a Deep South labor town and the sheriff who stood up for workers.”

I’m not sure when it closed. The building still stands, unoccupied, on the north end of downtown. Swing by there when you’re in Water Valley next week and help bring this building back to life!




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4 replies

  1. I always found that building rather interesting–good to know its history.


  2. Big Yank Clothing was located in that building as some point in its history. My grandfather Earl Nichols worked there.


  3. My father Lagelle Jeter was the manager of the plant during the strike in 1952. I was born in Oxford in 1951. Anyone else have any knowledge of the strike and time?


  4. My mother and 2 other black women were the first women of color to be hired, at that factory


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