Industrial Mississippi: Jackson Lamp and Glass Works

Today’s page from the 1951 Mississippi edition of Manufacturer’s Record highlights a building that still survives on Highway 80, across from Battlefield Park in Jackson, the former General Electric Lamp and Glass Works. According to the MDAH Historic Resources Database, the big industrial building was built in 1941 and designed by Jackson architect R.W. Naef.

General Electric Jackson

General Electric Jackson


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  1. Thank you for sharing all the articles about our great state


  2. My grandfather retired from there. In the 80s GE had some sort of anniversary celebration and we got to tour the factory. I wish I had been older as most of it didn’t really make a lot of sense to me when I was 12 yo.


  3. G.E. had two glass furnaces. The locations are under the big U or something shaped roof vent things. One there on west end of building close to US 80 and the other was farther back off the highway. See picture. The furnace close to US 80 was for borosilicate glass which was used in flashbulbs, neon sign tubing, chemical lab glass apparatus, etc. The other furnace was for soda-lime glass which was used for fluorescent lighting. Of course, glass types could have been changed over the years.

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  4. Is this place of business in operation at the current location?


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