Industrial Mississippi 1946: N&W Overall Company

Here’s another episode from the January 1946 edition of the Manufacturer’s Record, which focused on Mississippi’s industrial potential. To read more about the N&W Overall Company (later Dickies) building, which still stands on the south side of downtown Jackson, see the National Register nomination.

N&W Overall Co

Manufacturer's Record 1946


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  1. Thank goodness the building is still standing and used and loved!


  2. After seeing so many iconic buildings disappear through the years I began taking pictures of some of the older ones. A few years back my wife and I were taking pictures of this building when one of the residents and the security guard came out to inquire. I explained that my mother had worked there throughout WWII and showed them her employee ID card. They kindly invited us in and gave us a tour. I attended grammar school at Lee just up the street and attended church at the beautiful old wooden Baptist church between the buildings. Sadly, the last time I was by there the church was gone. I was told that it was moved but have not been able to verify that.

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    • My mother also worked there. This reminded me of conversations she had with a good friend and also a family member who had worked there too. My mother was a wonderful seamstress and made all my clothes for many years even after I was grown. Thanks for sharing your memories.

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  3. Hello, I’m interested in speaking with anyone who knew my mother, Myrt Patterson who worked there for 36-38 years (1946?-1983). I would like to speak with anyone who knew or is related to the company manager, Howard B. Bynum.


    • Katherine L. Barnett, I am not sure of the years Mother worked there. It was before I was born I thought which was 1943 because after that she and Daddy built our home in Pearl on Old Whitfield Road and she was stay at home mom from then until Daddy got sick. I will try to see if I can find out from the few elders living.


      • Hi, I really appreciate your reply. Mother passed away in 2011. She did have photographs of Christmas parties and such that the employees celebrated at N&W over the years. However, I wasn’t able to attend to her belongings after her death due to health problems and my much younger brother apparently threw away all her photos. I’m very interested in seeing a group photo of Mr. Bynum and the ladies who worked there. If you have one or know of anyone who has such a photo(s), I’d be glad to pay for a copy and the postage and mailing to have it sent to me. I live in Tyler, TX–so not very far from Jackson, Miss. Thought I’d have it framed as a tribute to her and the work and people she loved.


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