Looking Back at Looking Back: Katrina+10

10th St Gulfport Post Katrina.

3600 10th St Gulfport Post Hurricane Katrina.

It is hard to believe it’s been ten years since Hurricane Katrina.  Both because Mississippi has come so far but also because there are projects that are languishing (33rd Ave School) or have only begun (Gulfport’s FBO Hangar)  and so many empty lots remain where much-loved historic places once stood.  These lots are still empty and will likely remain that way for a long time.  The following posts are how MissPres has marked the occasion of Katrina’s anniversary over the years.

The Preservation in Mississippi Hurricane Katrina Backstory Page

Post Storm efforts to survey Historic Properties. (2014)

Katrina Losses Still Continue (2013)

Lost Mississippi: Father Ryan House, Biloxi (1841-2005) (2012)

Lost to Katrina: Tullis-Toledano Manor (1856-2005) (2009)

Katrina Survivors (2009)

Preservation in Mississippi came to be in several small ways because of Katrina.  One of which was that many preservationists from across the nation came together to help in any way they could to save Mississippi’s historic places affected by the storm.  As the initial recovery work dwindled, there was the thought to keep that community and dialog going for the preservationists who came together under the worst of circumstances.  This site is a small way to keep that community going.

This idea born of the storm is one of a forum to communicate and share information about Mississippi’s historic places both the known and loved as well as unknown and unloved; the latter are the ones who need our attention the most.

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