Looking Back Katrina’s 9th Anniversary: Long Beach & Pass Christian

In recognition of the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina this week we feature some images from the Mississippi Heritage Trust Hurricane Katrina page along with images uploaded to the MDAH HRI database.  These files relate to the coastal towns in the month immediately following hurricane Katrina.  Included in these files were written documents such as letters, engineering assessments, and various agencies’ damage survey forms.  In total we will cover over fifty miles–a small portion of Katrina’s wrath–of continuous destruction and heartbreak. These images will give us hope with what heroic efforts have been made towards recovery, remind us of what was senselessly lost, and prepare us with lessons for future preservation disasters.

Today we look back at what Long Beach & Pass Christian looked like 9 years ago.

In Long Beach one of the few historic houses that remain on the beach is 822 E. Beach Blvd.   Seeing these damage photos its amazing the house stood for a time after the storm which such little supporting the second story and roof structure.

Not may damage assessment forms have made it to the MDAH HRI db for Long Beach and the Pass, but there are many interesting pre Katrina images.  Some of which include building that were destroyed in Katrina.  These three buildings were among the hundreds of historic structures destroyed in Pass Christian during and in the imediate months after Katrina.

Many photos of Pass Christian’s Randolph School  are available.  The photos show the building in 2007 after it was stabilized, but it was still a wreck with an uncertain future.  Included with the photos are detail photographs from 2009 restoration.

Tomorrow we will look at Bay St. Louis & Waveland


This post is part of a week-long series commemorating the 9th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  You can view other entries from this week by clicking the links below.

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2 replies

  1. What happened to the Ramada Inn that was in Long Beach, Mississippi?


    • I am not rightly sure. If Katrina didn’t get it the clean up efforts did certainly did. I thought I had some aerial photos of Jeff Davis ave that were taken less than 30 days after the storm. They should show if any portion of the building survived Katrina. I just have to locate them on my hard drive.

      Do any Long Beach residents out there remember what might have happened to the Ramada buildings?

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