Commemorating Landmarks Lost to Katrina

There are eight magnolia markers along the coast that feature engravings for the structures lost due to Hurricane Katrina.  The drawings were done by Richard J. Cawthon, a historic preservation specialist for FEMA’s Mississippi Recovery Office & former chief architectural historian with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

Tullis-Toledano Hse.- 2

Church of the Redeemer



Father Ryan

The three makers not seen here are the Custom House on S. Beach, Elmwood Manor on N. Beach both in Bay St. Louis, and a third property on E. Scenic in Pass Christian.  If you happen to see these markers and snap a photo, please consider uploading the photo to the MissPres Flickr group.

Today please take time to consider those who lost their lives as part of this disastrous storm.

Mississippi Katrina Memorial. Biloxi MS 08-23-2015

Mississippi Katrina Memorial. Biloxi MS 08-23-2015

August 29, 2016: Included now are the photographs of the Elmwood Manor marker in Bay St. Louis.

Elmwood Manor marker Bay St. Louis

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2 replies

  1. What a great job Richard J. Cawthon did on those historical markers. His artistic talent and attention to detail are an outstanding contribution to the history of Mississippi architecture. Thanks to his work these important structures will not be forgotten, despite the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina!


  2. Beautiful markers. Still, after 10 years, overwhelming.


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