Hotels in Mississippi, 1938

I don’t usually publish lists, but this one is interesting enough for research purposes that I thought I would type it up. Although I found this 4-page typed list in an MDAH subject file called “Jackson Hotels and Motels, 1900-1979,” the list encompasses all of Mississippi, not just Jackson. Someone, probably an archivist, has written in pencil off to the side “1938?” so that’s just a best guess on year.

Some names are familiar, some we even have longer posts about here on MissPres (I’ve linked those to their posts), some I’ve never heard about before. I don’t think any of these are African American hotels, and I don’t see any motor courts, so it’s not comprehensive, but it’s still an interesting list. I hope you think so.


as listed in “Travel America Guide & Hotel Directory”

  • Parkway, Aberdeen
  • Amory, Amory
  • Park, Amory
  • Bay, Bay St. Louis
  • Reed, Bay St. Louis
  • Avelez, Biloxi
  • Biloxi, Biloxi
  • Buena Vista, Biloxi
  • Edgewater Gulf, Biloxi
  • Park, Biloxi
  • Riviera, Biloxi
  • Tivoli, Biloxi
  • White House, Biloxi
  • New Inez, Brookhaven
  • Conwell, Canton
  • Tylda, Canton
  • Alcazar, Clarksdale
  • Clarksdale, Clarksdale
  • Travelers, Clarksdale
  • Grover, Cleveland
  • Marion, Columbia
  • Alexandra, Columbus
  • Gilmer, Columbus
  • Waldron, Corinth
  • Durant, Durant
  • Edgewater Gulf, Edgewater Park
  • Electric Mills, Electric Mills
  • Southern, Forest
  • Greenville, Greenville
  • Muffulette, Greenville
  • Rest Haven, Greenville
  • Roslyn, Greenville
  • Commercial, Greenwood
  • Irving, Greenwood
  • Leflore, Greenwood
  • Weiner, Greenwood
  • Grenada, Grenada
  • Coleman Vista, Gulfport
  • Colonial, Gulfport
  • Great Southern, Gulfport
  • H. & H., Gulfport
  • Markham, Gulfport
  • Rayner, Gulfport
  • White, Gulfport
  • Forrest, Hattiesburg
  • Leaf, Hattiesburg
  • Milner, Hattiesburg
  • Hazel, Hazelhurst [sic]
  • Millsaps, Hazelhurst
  • Shepard, Indianola
  • Edwards, Jackson
  • Heidelberg, Jackson
  • Jackson, Jackson
  • Noble, Jackson
  • Robert E. Lee, Jackson
  • Royal, Jackson
  • Walthall, Jackson
  • Edwin, Laurel
  • Pinehurst, Laurel
  • Montgomery, Leland
  • Parks, Louisville
  • Morgan, Lucedale
  • Macon, Macon
  • McColgan’s, McComb
  • McComb, McComb
  • Great Southern, Meridian
  • Lamar, Meridian
  • Meridian, Meridian
  • Union, Meridian
  • Watts, Monticello
  • Phoenix, Moorhead
  • Concord, Natchez
  • Eola, Natchez
  • Natchez, Natchez
  • Rainey, New Albany
  • Sunset Inn, Ocean Springs
  • Colonial, Oxford
  • Gray Castle, Pass Christian
  • Inn By The Sea, Pass Christian
  • Miramar, Pass Christian
  • Nelson, Pass Christian
  • Pine Hills Club, Pass Christian
  • Benwalt, Philadelphia
  • Peach Tree, Picayune
  • Sawilmon, Pontotoc
  • Craig, Ripley
  • Ruleville, Ruleville
  • Stafford Inn, Stafford Springs
  • Jeff Davis, Tupelo
  • Kinney, Tupelo
  • Tupelo, Tupelo
  • Walthall, Tylertown
  • Carroll, Vicksburg
  • National Park, Vicksburg
  • Vicksburg, Vicksburg
  • Stafford Inn, Vossburg
  • Blackmur, Water Valley
  • Henry Clay, West Point
  • Simmons, Winona
  • Wisteria, Winona
  • Delta, Yazoo City
  • LaMar, Yazoo City

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5 replies

  1. We recently purchased the building that housed the Durant Hotel. It is a beautiful, well constructed facility that is in need of redtoration. We haven’t decided how we will use the building but plan to restore it to its original state. Thanks for sharing this statewide information.


  2. Fun post to see! Reminded me of one of my favorite hotels that is not on the list and makes sad that it was demolished. Disturbing that no one found a way to preserve the Summers Hotel on Pearl Street not far from the newly renovated Iron Horse Grill and King Edward Hotel.


  3. It is an interesting list. I wonder if, since the list is specific to 1938, there are some absences or additions to the list that are specific to that year. For instance, the list does not contain the Hotel Stark/Hotel Chester in Starkville, which was constructed in 1925. Does that mean that the hotel was simply overlooked or was the hotel not in operation that year, perhaps due to the Depression?


  4. Hattiesburg Hotel…aka Milner Building

    Sadly missed… Like John Prine’s Paradise. scooped up and hauled away.


  5. I walked many times past this grand hotel as a lad(1951) on my way from my grandfather’s shop, Burkett Sheet Metal Wks., to visit Sack’s(Sackler) Army surplus store on Mobile street where you could still buy WWII Mauser bayonets that had been unadulterated. Why was it targeted for a grand sacking? It was only 55 years years old and constructed of brick with high resin content in the roof trusses–the same materials that went into the construction of the New Mississippi Capitol Building. Was it a victim of the then Mayor’s Urban Renewal mindset? Not evident in the drawing are two coke gas dynamos that supplied electric energy to HH. The dynamos were across the G&SI RR tracks on the site where Sack’s Army Store parking lot is located. Circa early 1950s I witnessed from my grandfather’s shop, smoke rising from the roof deck of the Milner Building as firefighters with axes cut into the roof deck. Mr. Landrum reveals that before there was the Forrest Hotel that there was the horse-driven Hattiesburg Fire Station Brigade at that site.



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