Suzassippi’s Mississippi Church Tour: Please sign the visitor’s card

Como 2

Como Methodist Church, 1912, John Gaisford

In her Historic Churches of Mississippi (Sherry Pace, with Richard J. Cawthon, 2007, University Press of Mississippi), Pace takes us on a tour of churches throughout the state. Cawthon’s Lost Churches of Mississippi (2010, University Press of Mississippi) added the pictorial history of some of Mississippi’s churches lost to fire, storms, demolition, or remodeling beyond recognition.

Over the past 12 years of roaming parts of the state, I have amassed quite the collection of my own Churches of Mississippi.  I share a few of them here, ranging from the near “demolition by neglect” category to “high church” and all those in between.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mt Hope is a fortress

Mt. Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Taylor


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  1. Nice post!! I’ve seen several of these myself. What a broad mix of architectural styles. I enjoyed seeing these. Thank you for posting. I lived in Taylor while at Ole Miss in the early-mid nineties-remember that church.
    Nice shots.

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  2. I didn’t want the slide show to end, so I’ve watched it several times. What a diverse group! Each is unique, isn’t it! The church in New Albany reminded me of University Methodist in Oxford. And I stumbled into St. Mary’s Basilica one summer afternoon when I tried the door and found it opened – the sanctuary was so beautiful that I was frozen in place (after I gasped a few times!).

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  3. I like the lined up cell phone tower above the church Northeast of Oxford in rural Lafayette County. It looks like the congregants decided to “phone in” their attendance.

    In more urban areas cell towers are being inserted to church steeples or other existing towers. Sometimes with good results.


  4. The Presbyterian Church in Oxford is AWESOME!


  5. hi, & great post!

    I found this page looking for more information about Faith Presbyterian Church…

    … although it’s not mentioned here, Faith is really one the most interestingly designed (modern) churches in Jackson.

    it was designed in 1969 by Robert Bassett, of Godfrey, Bassett, Pitts & Tuminello—the same architecture firm that did Central Methodist Church (in the slideshow above), as well as Anshe Chesed Temple in Vicksburg.

    mentioned in another post here:

    …. and like Anshe Chesed, Faith, too, has a beautiful skylight opening right over the sanctuary.

    the commonalities between these places of worship/learning are SUPER intriguing!!!

    hopefully folks will think about seeing Faith on their next “Mississippi Church Tour”

    it’s truly a Jackson gem. CHEERS : ) K

    ** MDAH has them listed together here:

    * and MSU has the firm’s architectural records housed in their manuscript collection:


  6. Hi to all. Im reaching out in hope that someone out there could help me. There is a church just over the line in Alabama that will be donated from the estate and moved off the land in which it has rested for over 100 years (built in 1906). My husband and I are going to take on this project of moving it over to our land in Mississippi about 40 miles away. Im looking for any advice on moving, how to go about documenting everyting (for historical use), and how to go about getting funding as a private ind.


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