Happy Hanukkah Y’all! 2015

Looking back at Hanukkahs past, before looking forward….

Hanukkah 2014 and Chris Risher’s beautiful temple both celebrated the Temple Beth Israel in Meridian.

For Hanukkah in 2012 we looked at not only some of the historic sacred places across the state, but also at buildings designed by Jewish architects.

For 2015 I will add some new favorites, all named Temple B’Nai Israel.


Temple B’Nai Israel, Hattiesburg

Temple B’nai Israel, Hattiesburg.  The congregation was founded in 1915 and this building was built in 1946.  A great stripped classical structure, with a wonderful heavy latticework entryway.  If I was better organized I could share several more photographs of this place.


Temple B’Nai Israel, Tupelo

Temple B’nai Israel, Tupelo.  This building was dedicated on September 1, 1957.


Temple B’Nai Israel, Columbus

Temple B’Nai Israel, Columbus.  Described in the MDAH HRI as a “Brick hexagonal sanctuary encompassed on four sides by one-story brick classrooms. (built) 1960.”   The only one of these three listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it was originally listed in the Columbus Central Commercial district as a Intruding structure.  This sacred place was initially passed over because it may have been considered too new to fit in a district when the National Register nomination was being drafted in 1979.  The structure has since been listed as contributing.

Anshe Chesed Congregation

Anshe Chesed Congregation, Vicksburg

Malvaney suggested this last synagogue to share. Anshe Chesed of Vicksburg was built c.1970 and designed by the firm of  Godfrey, Bassett, Pitts & Tuminello.  Malvaney described it as a hard building to convey from one photo.  “The raised section under the copper roof is over the sanctuary, and it’s a skylight. There’s also a smaller skylight in the entrance lobby, so it’s a much more friendly building than the exterior indicates.”

Happy Hanukkah Y’All!


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  1. I can’t decide which of these is my favorite. All are very wonderful works of architecture! Thanks for posting. The next time I am in some of these towns, I will drive by and get a good look.

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  2. These are great. Thanks!

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  3. I love all of these! The modern designs are really striking, but I do think the Greenville Temple is my favorite since the first time I laid eyes on it.

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  4. That is amazing, a true testament of diversity in all those locales. Bravo!

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