Summertime and the Livin’ Is Easy

We at MissPres like to keep a strict 5-day a week schedule, but this summer, we’ve all decided to relax a bit and post when we feel like it. We hope you will enjoy reading when we do post but also take your extra time on non-post days to lounge on the porch or sleep in or take a walk in the woods or nearby park.

Since JRGordon’s News Roundups will be coming a bit less regularly, we’ve decided to experiment with Twitter as a way to bring MissPresers breaking news or interesting links but without filling up your inboxes with short posts through the week. JR will still package the important stuff into occasional news roundups through the summer and then back on schedule in the fall, but those of you who want more up-to-date information can keep track of our Twitter feed either here on MissPres (off to the right side) or on Twitter itself if you’re a Twitterer.

Here’s what a tweet looks like and this kind of newsy link is what we will be using Twitter for. You can see multiple tweets in our Twitter feed below. You can get to the Bay Springs School article either by clicking on the short URL link ( or by clicking on the news article title. If you click the hashtag (#historicschools) you will see all tweets that have ever been tagged with the same hashtag on Twitter, whether by MissPres or anyone else. As you can see, this hashtag is not very popular, which we will have to change by using it often.

Summer is for trying new things.  I undertake this Twitter experiment with some trepedation as it’s the first time we’ve used another platform and possibly are inviting two separate comment threads. But let’s just give it a try and see how it goes. Let me know if you have an opinion either way.

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  1. Not doing Twitter or Facebook! Let me know how many gentle readers are in favor of Twitter. If majority of readers approve, I guess I will have to come up with the times and get a Twitter account but will never join the Facebook crowd.


    • You don’t have to get a twitter account to see the MissPres Twitter feed or to click on the links to the articles. Just come to MissPres as usual and look over along the right side, where it says News Updates and there it is. We’ve pulled it into MissPres just for people like you, and me, who don’t really want to “do Twitter.”

      One of the problems with the News Roundups is that if we miss a week or two, some newspapers only make their articles available for the first seven or fourteen days, and by the time we get them on the roundup our readers can’t access them. With this twitter feed, we can get the links to rue readers more quickly but without creating a whole post or cluttering up your email inboxes with new short posts.


  2. Not doing social media.


    • Well I like a man with firm convictions. I myself feel the same about smart phones. Rest assured MissPres won’t become a Twitter-based blog, so you probably won’t notice much difference except for the News Updates off to the side.


  3. Thank you so much! Will we still be receiving an email every morning or will we need to go log on by going to the web page?


    • You’ll still receive an email whenever we post a new post on MissPres, but I wanted to let you know in this post that well be on a bit of a relaxed schedule this summer, so we might not be posting as regularly as usual. If you want to check the news updates off to the side, you have to come to the web page to see those, since those won’t be sending you emails. I know that many people want to keep updated on the news but don’t want to be inundated with emails, so it’s a fine line to please everyone. As I said, were just going to give this a try and se how it works, and JRGordon will still be doing news Roundups through the summer probably every other Monday, to keep y’all up to date–you’ll still an email as normal when those Roundups post.


  4. Wonderful! My Preservation in Mississippi email is the first thing I read every morning. Thanks to you and all the contributors to the web site my day begins with something beautiful and or interesting.


  5. Hooray! I was wondering if/when you’d join twittter. see you around!


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