Month: September 2012

HABS Photographer Jack Boucher (1931-2012)

Jack Boucher, HABS photographer, documented the high and the low of Mississippi’s architecture, from the finest craftsmanship to the slave quarters to the privies. Through his photos, we can still experience in just a small way some of the landmarks that are now gone, including Assembly Hall, where Mississippi’s territorial legislature met.

Rev. H.D. Dennis (1916-2012)

Rev. H.D. Dennis, who created a “visionary art environment” or “Bible Castle” around his wife’s rural store Margaret’s Grocery north of Vicksburg, died September 5, 2012. Margaret herself died in 2010, and the Grocery has been decaying ever since. Our… Read More ›

Happy Labor Day

In honor of Labor Day, which according to the Dept. of Labor webpage is “a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers,” I thought it might be worthwhile to reprint… Read More ›