Mississippi by Air: School for the Deaf, Jackson

MISSISSIPPI SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF. Box 4446 Fondren Station, Jackson, Mississippi. First school established in 1854. New school occupied in 1951. State accredited and supported. Well-rounded academic, vocational, recreational and spiritual program. Combined method, including lip and speech-reading.

For a current view of the campus, check out the Birdseye view on Bing: http://binged.it/M3tmJW and see if you can spot which original buildings are still there.

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  1. More of the campus appears to survive than I had supposed. Will much of anything be kept in the new redevelopment plans for the area?


  2. It’s my understanding that the School for the Deaf will go undisturbed. The School for the Blind property, which is across Eastover Drive, is the location of the new development. The buildings on that property are in TERRIBLE shape.


  3. The two campuses were built at the same time and with the same architects. They were virtually mirror-images of each other. Unfortunately, the School for the Blind was abandoned a decade ago to consolidate it with the School for the Deaf campus, which now has mostly new buildings, with a few left from the original period. As I understand it, none of the School for the Blind buildings will be incorporated into the new retail/office park–all will be razed. You can see pictures of the School for the Blind property on my long-ago “Abandoned Mississippi” post: https://misspreservation.com/2009/07/06/abandoned-mississippi-school-for-the-blind/


  4. Is the Mississippi School for the Deaf the same as the Mississippi D & D Institute in Jackson, MS in 1917? I had a person on my family tree who was a teacher there in 1917.


  5. I recently was looking on Google Maps at this, and I saw that the Vocational building has been demolished sometime in the last few years to make way for a brand new building that’s now on it’s spot.


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