MissPres Architectural Word of the Week: Bracket

This is our second MissPres Architectural Word of the Week. If you missed out on our first post, this series was spawned by Malvaney’s post about architectural dictionaries. I thought it would be fun to have a bi-weekly post that features a different architectural word that relates to a building here in Mississippi. I hope to have the definition along with a photograph of a Mississippi structure as a visual example. I am hoping that I can utilize the MDAH Historic Resources Inventory Database for all the example images that will be used in this series. This is our second word of the week and I think it makes sense to go alphabetically.

This week’s word is brought to you by the letter B as defined by John C. Poppeliers’s What Style Is It?: A Guide to American Architecture.

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Bracket: (ˈbra-kət) A supporting element under eaves, shelves or other overhangs, often more decorative than functional.

Keep you eyes out for Brackets this week and stay tuned for the next MissPres Architectural Word of the Week!

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2 replies

  1. What fun! I look forward to future letters, and will keep my eyes peeled for brackets in the meantime.


  2. Very interesting to concentrate on these architectural elements. At first, I thought “bracket” was word of the week because the brackets in the wings of the giant Airbus A380 airplane are showing signs of cracks, but the manufacturer says the wings are safe.


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