Name This Place 8.3.2

The Tallahatchie County Courthouse in Sumner by William Sharkey Hull threw SusanAllen a little because of some date confusion (1902? 1909? 1910?).  Since she cited sources on these and included the date I had in my mind for the “right” answer (1910), I gave her the point there too.  I also copied some info from the National Register Nomination that might explain why the date on that one is muddled.

Now on to this afternoon’s challenge:

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  1. You’ve stumped me twice today. I’m going to guess New Capitol in Jackson, completed in 1903, and the architect was Theodore Link.


  2. A light well for the New Capitol was my guess also. The New Capitol underwent a major restoration in 1979


  3. Nope, not the New Capitol nor is it Aberdeen City Hall.

    Could this be the entry that stumps MissPres and let’s me do a “touchdown” dance?


  4. King Edward Hotel, Jackson, Mississippi (Hinds County), 1923 (barely, December 29), William T. Nolan of New Orleans.


  5. It looks like you have a courthouse theme established in this Name This Place. So…

    Leflore County Courthouse, Greenwood, 1906, R. H. Hunt


  6. It is so nice to be able to view interior features such as the oval stained glass ceiling accent piece. Thank you for all the beautiful things you bring to us -daily!


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