Name This Place 8.4.1

I let yesterday afternoon’s go long enough with no one getting the site from the interior shot.  This stained glass skylight is in the Copiah County Courthouse in Hazlehurst – a 1902 building by my namesake architect James Riely Gordon.   I’m claiming victory for stumping everyone and the 4 points go to me.

Don’t worry – I have to stump everyone again a couple more times to seal in a victory.

The standings:

  • CRPIII – 6
  • Theodore – 5
  • SusanAllen – 5
  • JRGordon – 4
  • Suzassippi – 3
  • Belinda – 2
  • ThomasRosell – 1

Let’s see how you fair with this morning’s image:

Categories: Contest, Historic Preservation

10 replies

  1. Lee county courthouse, Tupelo


  2. Built 1904


  3. Architect was Patrick Henry Weathers, and it was also built by M T Lewman and Company
    By the way Suzassippi and Susan are one and the same. I was logged in on a different account one day.


  4. Oh, wow, am I ever so wrong! I missed the detailing on the window. I must go directly to jail without collecting any points.


  5. Simpson County courthouse, Mendenhall, 1907, designed by AJ Bryan.


  6. The false muntins look like jail bars on the windows :P. Lauderdale county does have a jail on top of the courthouse.


    • I didn’t think about the jail bar look until you said it, but I absolutely see it now.

      If we were playing Name This Place under the old rules, I’d have to really consider if the connection between the jail bar look on the Simpson County Courthouse and the actual jail on the Lauderdale County Courthouse would be worth an “adding to the discussion” point. Since I changed the rules, however, I just get to be amused by the “jail” theme we have going in the comments on this one (and try to resist the urge to start singing “Jailhouse Rock”)


      • That’s OK I didn’t think it was worth a point either.

        The county could save some money by keeping prisoners up there. Maybe ill get a point from Simpson County for such an innovative idea :)


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